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1 Jun€ 20181 Issu€ No: 25 

1 ^ ,r “T 

Grenfell Support News 

Grenfell one year on 


2 New therapy rooms 
for North Kensington 

2 Get started with film 

2 Support available 
during the Grenfell 
Tower Public Inquiry 

3 Activities Programme 
at The Curve 
Community Centre 

3 Big Iftar 

4 Housing update 

4 Poetry4 Grenfell 

4 Grow our own - 
community kitchen 

4 Grenfell Support on 
social media 

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council 
have produced a flyer listing the events 
the community are putting on to 
commemorate one year since the 
Grenfell tragedy. These include church 
vigils, The Grenfell Anniversary Memorial 
Service, the silent march, the unveiling of a 
community mosaic, and a family fun day in 
the park. You will see the flyers and posters 
in the North Kensington community soon. 

Details of all anniversary events will be 
posted on the Kensington and Chelsea 
Social Council website ( 
in the coming week. 


Grenfell Support News 

1 June 2018 

New therapy rooms for North 
Kensington community 

As the one year mark of the Grenfell Tower tragedy approaches, 
you might feel like you want to talk to someone about therapy for 
trauma, painful feelings or intrusive thoughts. The Grenfell Health 
& Wellbeing service provides therapy at four locations: 

• St. Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing, 

Exmoor Street, W10 6DZ 

• The Curve, 10 Bard Road, W10 6TP 

• Emperor's Gate Surgery, 49 Emperor's Gate, SW7 4HJ 

• Friends and Family Assistance Centre, 

17 Old Court Place, W8 4PL 

If this is something you are interested in, visit their 
website and complete the self-referral form: 

Anyone who is from North Kensington 
or who is affected by the Grenfell 
Tower tragedy is welcome. 

The Grenfell Wellbeing 
Outreach team can 
be reached at 

0208962 4393 


9am and 9pm 

Get started with film 

The Prince's Trust and Iconic 
Steps are running a one-week 
programme for young people 
who are interested in the 
exciting world of film. If you 
are 16 to 25 years and are 
looking to learn new skills, 
why not get involved with this 
fun, free course? 

The taster day will take place on 

Wednesday 13June in a 
Central London location with 
the course running from 

Monday 18 to Friday 22June. 

Tojoin the course or find out 
more, visit 

and search "film". 

During the programme, 
applicants will work with 
industry professionals to 
explore the process of 
film-making as well as getting 
the chance to meet new 
people and improve their 
confidence. At the end 
of the week, there will 
be a celebration event 
at the British Film 
Institute where 
applicants will 
premiere their films. 

Eligible applicants mustn't 
exceed 16 hours of work/14 
hours of education per week. 

Support available during the Grenfell Tower Public Inquiry 

The commemoration hearings for those who lost their lives in the 
Grenfell tragedy, that have marked the start of the Grenfell Tower 
Public Inquiry, concluded on Wednesday 30 May. The Inquiry will 
now move to the next phase in the process, beginning with opening 
statements from the Inquiry's 'core participants' next week from 
Monday 4June onwards. 

For more information on the work of the Inquiry and recordings 
of the hearings to date, please visit 

The hearings have been an emotional time for many people 
and there is support on offer for those who have been affected. 

For urgent emotional and wellbeing support, you can call 

0800 0234 650 at any time. 

There is also an NHS Outreach team based at the Inquiry hearings 
who are ready to provide emotional, health and wellbeing support. 
They are also offering support at the Notting Hill Methodist Church 
where the Inquiry is being screened. Members of the team will be 
easy to identify by their green t-shirts. 

Two leaflets describing the support available for those affected by 
the Inquiry have been published by the NHS and are still available at 


Grenfell Support News 

1 June 2018 

• • 

Activities Programme at The Curve Community Centre 

Monday 4 June 

• 9.30am-3pm - Early year's activity 

• 10am-12pm -The Hand of Hope 
Women's Group 

• 5pm-7pm - Homework Club ages 
11-18 (drop-in) 

• 5.30pm-7.30pm - Pre-ESOL English 

• 8pm - Iftar - food will be supplied 
(hosted by Wst London Kitchen) 

! A 

Big Iftar 

Join the community of the Al-Manaar 
Mosque to open fast together on 

Friday 8 June, 8.30pm to 10pm. 

Open to all with free entry, just drop-in to 

Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, 
Al-Manaar, 244 Acklam Road, 

W10 5YG. 

The Creche's opening hours are: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 

10am to 12noon and 1pm to 3pm. 

No creche on Thursdays. 

The Creche is for parents attending 
appointments or courses at the Curve. 
Other Curve users are also able to use the 
creche space when attending an event or 
activities. To book, please email: 

Tuesday 5 June 

• 9.30am-10.30am - MEND mini- 
healthy lifestyles programme for 
families. All welcome to drop-in 

• 9.30am-11.30am and 12.25pm- 
2.30pm - ESOL English language 
classes (please email 
to book) 

• 10am-3pm - Fouzia's sewing club 
- drop-in sewing club for all, grow 
your skills, knit and natter 

• 10.30am-12.30pm -Job search 
workshop (drop-in) 

• 10.30am-12.30pm - Helping 
children deal with loss (please 
to book) 

• 1.30pm-2.30pm - Grief 
encounters, speak, listen and 
share with Alisia and Anna 

• 2pm-4pm - Grief encounters with 
Colin (drop-in counselling for men) 

• 5pm-6pm - Children's yoga -fun 
and relaxed sessions for kids aged 
five to 11 (drop-in) 

Wednesday 6 June 

• 10am-12pm - World coffee 
morning - free and open to all for 
a coffee and a chat 

• 10.30am-12.30pm -Job search 
workshop (drop-in) 

• 10.30am-12pm - Shared reading 
group, open to all reading abilities. 
Come and share the joy of reading 
as a group. 

• 4pm-7pm - Girls youth group 
for ages 13 plus (run by Laura for 
emotional health and wellbeing) 

• 8pm - Iftar, food supplied (hosted 
by Wst London Kitchen) 

Thursday 7 June 

• 10.30am-11.30am - Massage 
session with a massage therapist 

• 12.30pm-2.30pm - Mums and 
Bumps session (drop-in) 

• 1pm-3pm - ICT Skills and pre¬ 
employment support (drop-in) 

• 4pm-6pm -Young artists for 
ages five-11. For keen young 
artists looking to learn and 
develop their skills 

• 4pm-4.45pm- Healthy snack time 
for kids (limited spaces, please 

to book) 

Friday 8 June 

• 9am-10.30am - MEND Mini¬ 
weekly sessions run by a 
registered nutritionist and 
physical activity specialist. 

Offers practical chopping and 
tasting activities and games/ 
exercises aimed at enhancing 
physical and social development 
for ages two to four years 

• lOam-lpm - ACAVA pottery 
workshop (drop-in) 

• 10.30am-12pm - Mindfulness TFC 
group (drop-in) 

• 10.30am-11.30am - Meditation 
group (drop-in) 

• 10.30am-12 noon - Mindfulness 
TFC Group 

• 5pm-8pm - Byron presents: 
Caribbean Evening with Ludo 
and Dominoes Club 

Saturday 9 June 
• 12pm-2.30pm - Metronomes 
Steel Orchestra workshops for 
families and children aged nine 
years and up 

The Curve Community Centre opening hours are 10am to 8pm Monday to Friday 
and 11am to 6pm on weekends. 

The Curve Community Centre, 10 Bard Road, London W10 6TP 

Some sessions need to be booked in advance to secure your place, so email and they will confirm your reservation by return. 

jn^ Fora full 


Grenfell Support News 

1 June 2018 

Support services 
on offer 

Anyone who would like to speak to the 
police in relation to the investigation 
into the fire is asked to contact the Met 
Police on 0800 032 4539. 

Important Contacts 

Cruse Bereavement Care 

Call the Freephone helpline on 

0808 8081677 or email 

The helpline is open Monday-Friday 
from 9.30am-5pm. Extended hours 
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
evenings, until 8pm. 

Replacement UK passports, visas 
or immigration queries 

Call our advice line on 0300 303 2832. 
The line is open 24 hours. 

Air quality and smoke exposure 

If you have concerns about 
any symptoms, please see 
your doctor or call NHS 111. 

Housing support 

If you have any questions about 
housing or want to find out who 
your housing officer is please call 

0800137 111 or 0207361 3008 

Victim support 

Call 08081689 111 for practical and 
emotional support, or visit The line 
is open 24 hours a day. 

The Grenfell Muslim 
Response Unit also offers additional 
support. Find out more by emailing 

You can also get physical and mental 
support at The Curve Community 
Centre. Call 07712231133 

Hestia, Central and North West 
London NHS Foundation Trust, 
and the Drug and Alcohol Service 

are based overnight at the Notting 
Hill Methodist Church, Lancaster 
Road, from 10pm to 8am. Pop in for 

a chat and support. 

Grenfell i ower and Grenfell Walk 
rehousing progress update 

These are the Figures for 



31 May 2018 


The Poetry 4 Grenfell project continues next week on Wednesday 6 June at the City of 
Westminster College, 25 Paddington Green, W21NB from 12 noon to 2pm. Led by a 

local professional artist, Poetry 4 Grenfell is a great chance to get involved and learn about 
rap-poetry, dance and film throughout workshops and performances. 

Grow our own - community kitchen garden 

Passionate about gardening?Join the Westway Trust's community garden programme 
and lead the movement for a sustainable future. Help turn forgotten spaces into looked 
after and much-loved grow-gardens. Learn from local gardening enthusiasts and cook 
what you grow. 

Meet at Argan Tree Cafe, Maxilla Walk, W10 6NQ on Tuesday 5 June to get involved 
For more information email "Just Solutions 123" at 

Join us on social media 

Do you follow our social media accounts? 

We regularly update our Twitter and Facebook accounts with the latest support, news and 
community events available around North Kensington. To be kept in the loop or to join the 
online discussion, follow us on Twitter at @GrenfellSupport and on Facebook at 

For regular updates please follow us | The newsletter is also available in Arabic and Farsi languages. @grenfellsupport